Background about
PDO -Philharmonic Doctors Opera

DWOC - Doctors World Opera Company


The very first time in history a complete opera ensemble has been founded consisting of doctors and healers. 100 MusicDocs from 15 countries are joining for the benefit of www.BeatoChello.ch .

Beat Richner, CelloDoc, with his unique humanitarian opera in Cambodia - click on image to enlarge


Patron of our first production is medical doctor and best-seller-author Rdiger Dahlke
("Krankheit als Weg"/”Illness as a path” etc)
Rdiger Dahlke is going to moderate the premiere on July 23rd!

The unique “selling point”

Each position of our theatre “company” is casted with health care professionals: direction, stage decoration, costumes, mask, lights, conductors singing soloists, choir and orchestra. All participants are working as medical doctors, psychologists, healing practitioners, music therapists, yoga-teachers, healers etc. and they like to integrate their creative aspects in their professional lives.

July 23rd thru 25th, 2010 we are going to perform Magic Flute by Mozart/Schikaneder in the beautiful baroque Wilhelma-Theatre in Stuttgart/Germany. This  opera seems to be ideal for us in the sense that it offers more than a purely artistic dimension but also underlines the aspects of “healing by bearing an examination” as Tamino and Pamina do...

The tickets are available online right NOW over our secure ticketing portal: http://www.amiando.com/IELPJXR.html

The world-wide community can be with us over the

WORLD-WIDE LIVE-STREAM over the INTERNET directly on your PC/Mac in HD/full-screen quality!
Your minimal donation of 10 Euro per live-stream performance makes it possible that a high number of visitors can participate the premiere or the othr two performances so that the donation for the mother-child-clinic can be significantly high.

We pledge you to communicate this event to all of your e-mail contact list (in your company, all your friends) world-wide since we wold like to give our joy to you as well as to the children in Cambodia (after coverage of our costs)!

If you or your company would like to make further donations you are welcome HERE.


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The Ticket sales has started over our secure online ticketing portal, credit card payments accepted.

Friday, 23rd July 2010 from 19.30 - ca. 22.30 hrs:
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Saturday, 24th July 2010, 19.30 - ca. 22.30 hrs:
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Sonntag, den 25. Juli 2010 von 15.00 - ca. 18.00 Uhr:                                                                                          
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