The conductor,  pianist and medical doctor Wolfgang Ellenberger from Mudau  (Odenwald   / Germany ) has made an intensive internet research since May 2008 and he has  succeeded  to get the group together.

He has studied in  Hamburg, Detmold and Lubeck, got a medical degree and a piano diploma  and  concert exam, has also studied music therapy. Then he worked as a free  lance  concert pianist with event service and a Bosendorfer Imperial Grand  (290  cm/630 kg) as hand luggage on international level.

He performed with  the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra at age 14 and 16, gave his debut as  conductor  with the Sibirian State Orchestra in 1994 and with several other  international orchestras. Further: Recitals on MS Astor, MS Sagafjord  and SS  QE II, CD and DVD productions, TV presence, 10 years as teacher of  masterclasses. With the economical crisis he had a comeback in medicine and  after blocks in several different specialities and 3 years in the  international project management in dialysis clinic software world  market  lieader Fresenius AG (in the DAX index) he is working in a  psychosomatic  rehabilitation hosiptal since 2007.

full resume: http://www.ellenberger.name/EN/ENlebenslauf.htm



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