Magic Flute

As a first project  Mozarts  Magic Flute was chosen with its initiation process beginning with "fire and  water" in an exciting direction concept. It is integrated in the mystic world of egyptian high culture and contains some healing aspects. The  priests use some old energy healing rituals. The pure love between  Tamino  and Pamina must pass several "exams" and is opponent to the more human  side  of love between Papageno and Papagena. The fight for power between  Sarastro  and the Queen of the Night is representative for all types of power  fights  between justice and injustice, good and bad, male and female and it  will be  dissolved. There are no winners and losers! We offera new vision:  Sarastro  overcomes his defensiveness and opens his heart for reconciliation. The Queen of the Night goes through a syncope - a small death which changes her  attitude and prepares her to transform darkness inside herself. So she  can  drop her proudness and accept the hand of Sarastro. In this way she  gets  integrated and the3 ladies follow her with the final choir: "Strength  was  victorious..." which means the strenght of the hearts - the only power  which  makes possible to release induration and to reconciliate. "...and  crowned as  a reward, beauty and wisdom, with an eternal crown". The material  crowns  have been taken off, the fight is terminated and they find together  under  the eternal crown. The librettist Emanuel Schikaneder has also written a "Magic Flute 2" where the initiation proceeds with "earth and wind",  the  music was composed by Peter von Winter and performed in 1798 with a  sensational 77 performances for that time.Thematerial got lost and was  re-discovered after the fall of the Berlin Wall by Manfred App. Perform as  double-pack in 2011 would be a music-historical sensation.


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